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Arthur Taniyelyan

FSEA certified adult trainer
Arthur Taniyelyan has had several life experiences. After a scientific education, international business, Grande École de commerce Parisienne, DEA in economics in Germany, he has always been interested in emotions and the impact of these in the field of sales. He worked in the commercial field for 20 years until 2020 with different companies or associations (Medef – NQT, Auchan Luxembourg, Biomérieux, SFS…) to go from all stages of field sales to company director. In 2018, Arthur Taniyelyan started to learn about emotional intelligence, the problems of stress management among salespeople and realised that they experience similar problems to many people who demand extreme performance.
  1. Inseec Paris, Grande Ecole Parisienne
  2. University of Kassel, Diplom II in Economics
  3. Wim Hof Method: Extreme cold and mental management
  4. Buteyko method: Asthma relief for children
  5. Oxygen Advantage Method: Optimising gas exchange during breathing
  6. Breatheology: multiple freediving record holder who has adapted his method for stress management
  7. Crea: Digital strategy
  8. Emotion Code: Dr Nelson Bradley
  9. Adult trainer FSEA

Christa Weber

Christa Weber, after having observed a lot of the animal world, was hired by the SCAV to teach children how to behave with dogs and to better understand them in order to avoid bites.

She is a certified ASCA therapist and trains future therapists in naturopathic schools. She defines herself as a passionate adventurer. When faced with difficulty, she never gives up. Even with an injured knee in the middle of a hike, she will finish the mythical GR20 legionnaires’ hike two days early. As a certified foot reflexology therapist, she immediately makes the link between the nature that accompanies us and our energy. Wanting to specialize further, she will train in nutrition (certification in progress).

She transmits with passion the benefits of natural therapies, powerful for adults but also for children.

She has decided to share her experience and knowledge to help you experience moments of well-being. Passionate about extreme challenges, she wishes to make you live extraordinary experiences.

  1. Kneipp therapist
  2. Expert in the prevention of animal behavior
  3. Reflexologist
  4. Nutritionist
  5. Trainer of future therapists
  6. Kneipp therapist
  7. Reiki
  8. Expert in the prevention of animal behavior